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Indie rock, folk pop, and roots rock! #NewMusic from @modern_leisure, @freedomfrymusic, and @theradtrads. Radio Free Lightning Bug delivers it right her. Come and get it! https://t.co/A2eTEyxX4p

Camila added ‘Time After Time’ by Iron & Wine, ‘Wicked Game - Live At Killkenny Arts Festival, Ireland/2011’ by James Vincent McMorrow, ‘Linger’ by Freedom Fry, and ‘Better Together’ by Us The Duo to her ‘☁️’ playlist (18 minutes ago)

#TheseLyricsChangedMyLife #FreedomFry

Facing the days when I wanna run,
Walk on the waves that sink everyone,
C'mon, all the way,
Caught in a war but I'll never drown,
I'm standing up I'm not going down,
I'll find a way,
I'm brave

Check out our #interview with Marie Seyrat, one half of the duo Freedom Fry, whose spectacular new folk pop album is out today. Please accept our humble invitation to come listen to their music and get to know her.
https://t.co/uQ6IEljZd8 #FreedomFry #amlistening #NowPlaying

Listen to the Indie Waves @Spotify Playlist featuring music from @DCRlads @thecoralband @juno_disco @freedomfrymusic @wearellovers @PoolOfficial @towersandtrees @cardsmusic @dutchkidmusic @Brandon1980s @THE_EELS @truetidesband @myultraviolet @zhaomusic https://t.co/G6iSCGRoTA

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