The sound of the music they make is undeniably Californian. If you close your eyes and listen you can almost feel the sun and picture the palm trees hovering above. However, Freedom Fry couldn’t have originated further from the US west coast. Parisian born, Marie Seyrat, first met Michigan-native, Bruce Driscoll, on the set of a video for Bruce’s band, Blondfire. At that time she was a stylist, dressing the likes of Sharon Stone and 24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Somewhere between “cut” and “action” she played him a recording of her singing in French over a ukulele. A month later they wrote and recorded their first EP, Let The Games Begin, as well as the follow up single, Earthquake.

The pair instantly fell in love with collaborating together and began releasing follow-ups like 2012’s Outlaws EP, where songs like Jesse James and Billy The Kid showcased their fascination with the American Southwest. The surf-tinged single, Summer In The City, was next with all its nostalgia for the summers of our youth.

Each single they’ve release is accompanied by a self-made music video that really allows their love for film and handcrafting props to shine through. Whether Marie is piecing back together a broken Bruce (Earthquake) or they wind up on a beach full of wax-lipped zombies (Summer In The City) they always strive to create their own unique universe.

The name ‘Freedom Fry’ itself is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the bizarre time in recent history when some American’s were so angry with the French that they renamed their French fries. It instantly spells out the French & American influence within their sound and makes it clear that the music they make will always be inspired by ideas that are slightly left-of-center.

In 2013 they got married and built their own studio in Los Angeles. In 2014 they continued to release music, including the indie folk duet, The Wilder Mile. A song with an infectious stomp beat, a sing-a-long chorus, handclaps, and a whistle refrain. Those elements are coupled with bittersweet lyrics that weave the story of two people who just weren’t meant to be, “Guess we weren’t born to be lovers, maybe in another time.” “The Wilder Mile” is their yellow brick road, a path you can take through life if you just accept the negative aspects, move past them and embrace the sunshine.

In November of 2014 Freedom Fry released, Fan Club: The Singles, a 12” limited edition vinyl collection of all of their singles from past till present.